Monique Diaz

46 years old, Nurse, Has 2 children

“… I was very encouraged when I got the vibration feedback.”

I’m 46 years old and have 2 children a 22 year old son and a 20 year old daughter. My son was delivered via C-section and my daughter was a vaginal birth. I definitely had leakage after both births, more so after my daughter. Yes, I was told and misinformed like many others that this is now part of life because I had children. I never even heard of the pelvic floor muscle until nursing school, although it was still never really taught to us just how important this muscle really is.

I like many others was also taught about Kegels from my OB/GYN, sadly it was the incorrect way of doing them. Hold that stream of urine! Do as many as you can. Well that got old really quick since I didn’t see any improvement. As some time went by my symptoms didn’t seem as bad, it was mainly with coughing, sneezing and a hard laugh. Such is life! It was not until I started working for Consortia and learned about our pelvic floor, and that under rated muscle. Doing Kegels properly has helped my symptoms at least 95%.

Using the Vibrance was definitely challenging for me. I thought my pelvic floor muscles were pretty strong and I did get frustrated using the Vibrance the first few times because I could not get it to vibrate when I squeezed. By the third time using it I was able to make it vibrate just a few times and I was thrilled. I thought for sure I was on a path of getting better and better at it, but I didn’t. I feel that the probe portion of the Vibrance is not long enough for my body.

I didn’t give up on using it although I did get irritated, after a few more days of using it I still was only able to get a few vibrations of feedback. I never did try out the other sleeves as I figured I would never be able to get the Vibrance to vibrate with my Kegels with a thicker, stronger sleeve in place.

I would recommend this product for Kegel training because it does offer the feedback and even though I was not super successful with it, I was very encouraged when I got the vibration feedback.

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