40 years old, 4 kids

Vibrance increased my confident and productivity

I’ve been suffering from asthma since 13 so I cough a lot. Also, I’ve gone through a total of 7 pregnancies, each pregnancy becoming more difficult resulting in my urinary incontinence worsening as I was not able to hold my urine well especially when coughing heavily.

I learned that Vibrance can help improve of your Pelvic health so I decided to give it a try. Now, I use Vibrance daily and sometimes twice a day when I have the time. I love that I can take Vibrance wherever I go conveniently with its cute travelling pouch.

Previously I found myself making very frequent toilet breaks but after using Vibrance, within two weeks, I saw that I could meet and manage more clients and appointments. I manage my time so much better, just getting more done in the same time. This has increased my confidence and productivity and as a result my cash flow has increased too

I feel that my skin texture has also improved, it’s easier for me to put on make-up, and this makes me feel beautiful and glowing. I feel great about myself. This makes me a happier person after using Vibrance.

Vibrance improves my inner health. It has improved my relationship with my husband, children and family and even my clients, as I can make more time for them.

Vibrance is simply vibrant

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