Martha Garza

39 years old, Mom to 2 boys

No longer waiting in the toilet and noticed improvement in libido, lubrication and orgasms

I am a 39 year’s old a mom to 2 boys, ages 21 and 12. I don’t have symptoms of SUI, urgency or frequency. I did have that occasional drop(s) of urine going down my leg after emptying my bladder after standing to get my clothes back on. The unknown of will I leak or not after emptying kept me sitting on the toilet for a little bit longer day and night. This was not fun in the middle of the night when all I wanted was to get back to bed. My sleep was interrupted. This was so annoying especially on the days that I was up more than once a night. I had decided lack of sleep was better than wet PJ’s.

I started using the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer daily for the first week, then I found myself only able to do this 2-3 days of the week. I always thought I could do a proper Kegel and I learned this was not always accurate. Using the Vibrance was easy, isolating my pelvic floor muscle was challenging. The biofeedback received from the Vibrance kept me engaged and I kept at it.

I have not challenged myself to graduate to the first resistance cylinder. I have already noticed improvement in my symptoms. I no longer sit and wait on the commode for the dreaded drop. Most important (in a department I didn’t think I needed help with) I noticed improvement with my libido, lubrication and orgasms. 20 out of 10!!

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