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Claudia Varela

Regional Nurse Manager

It helps to correct the way I use my pelvic floor muscles

Jennifer Jones

43 years old, registered nurse, mom to 3 boys

Biofeedback improves the Kegels technique & pelvic floor is stronger

Kim Baldwin

55 years old, mom to 2 young adults

Easy fix for incontinence and looking forward to jump the trampoline again

Liz Spinhirne

40 year old, Nurse, Mother of 5

Kegel only effective on incontinence when correct muscles are in use

Martha Garza

39 years old, Mom to 2 boys

No longer waiting in the toilet and noticed improvement in libido, lubrication and orgasms

Monique Diaz

46 years old, Nurse, Has 2 children

"... I was very encouraged when I got the vibration feedback."

Samantha Hasbun-Jalil

Pelvic floor therapy nurse

Only one button away from experiencing the difference in your daily life

Sandra Miller

Mother of 3

Audio coaching feature help to stay focused on the correct muscle

Teri Young

54 years old, 4 children

Simple and easy to use product helping to stay strong & feeling youthful again

Laura Martin

Vibrance user

" ...it ensures that you are squeezing as strong as you can..."

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