Why Do I Need A Pelvic Trainer?

The pelvic floor muscle is hidden by many other muscles that are nearer to the skin and that can be seen, like our abdominal and buttocks muscle. Due to its hidden position in the center that makes it invisible and untouchable, studies have shown that more than 30% of women do not do pelvic exercise correctly. The VPT ensures your pelvic training is accurately done through its patented Vibration Biofeedback function that can only be triggered by the pelvic floor muscle. This encourages the right muscle engagement and prevents you from developing the habit of engaging the wrong muscle group.

Due to the absence of challenge, there is a limit to the results doing pelvic exercise without a trainer can yield. Doing pelvic exercise without a trainer is like toning your arms by lifting- except without weights. The VPT comes with 3 optional Training Gloves to provide resistance training to the pelvic floor muscle. These gloves enhance the strength of your pelvic floor muscle further by providing your pelvic floor muscle something to work against. A proper pelvic trainer allows you to eliminate the possibility of doing pelvic wrongly and exceed the limitations of traditional pelvic exercise.

When choosing a pelvic trainer, ensure your pelvic trainer is safe to use and has undergone clinical studies and has been proven to improve your pelvic health. Make sure to look out for FDA clearance as well as endorsement from medical professionals.

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